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Vashkevich Ruslan

1966 - born in Minsk (Belarus)
1992 - graduation from the Belorussian Academy of Arts,Monumental and Decorative art departament, Minsk
1993 - stipendium in Hannover, Germany
from 1995 - a member of the Union of Artists of Belarus from 1999 - a member of Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
2000 - stipendium Ministry of Culture of Belarus
2001 - stipendium Kunstlerhaus Boswil, Switzerland


1994 - "Two steps forward", Kovcheg gallery, Minsk

1996 - Republican Art gallery, Minsk - S`ART gallery, Moscow

1997 - Pieter Breughel gallery, Amsterdam
        - M`ARS gallery, Moscow
        - Counsil of Europe, Strasbourg
        - "Second Hand", S`ART gallery, Moscow

1998 - "Second Second Hand", Pieter Breughel gallery, Amsterdam
        - "Second Second Hand", Zhilbel gallery, Minsk

1999 - Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
        - "Five seasons of the year", Mastactva gallery, Minsk
        - "Experience field", European Humanitarian University gallery, Minsk

2000 - d`Haudrecy gallery, Knokke, Belgium
        - Cartel gallery, Granada, Spain
        - Eastwick gallery, Chicago
        - "Second Second Hand", Central House of Artists, Moscow
        - "SSH-erotic version", S`ART gallery, Moscow

2001 - Cartel gallery, Granada, Malaga, Spain
        - "Kunstlishe Atmung", Goldenes Kalb gallery, Aarau, Switzerland
        - "Force Majeure", Royden Prior gallery, Windsor, Eton, UK
        - "Force Majeure", Vaal gallery, Tallinn, Estland

2002 - d`Haudrecy gallery, Knokke, Belgium
        - "Vincent van Gogh Memorial House", Terra des Homes gallery, Minsk

2003 - De Twee Pauwen gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands
        - "Handy-Mandy", Zhilbel gallery, Minsk
        - "Handy-Mandy", Royden Prior gallery, Windsor, Eton, UK
        - Art-Manege, Moscow

2004 - "Trouble with Classicists", European Humanitarian University gallery, Minsk
        - De Twee Pauwen gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands
        - Museum of Musical Instruments, Roma, Italy

2005 - Gallery Civica Saint-Vincent, Aosta, Italy
        - Polotsk Art gallery

2006 - Gallery L`elogio Dell`Effimero, Casale, Italy
        - "Happy Endian", Contemporary Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

Group Exhibitions

1995 - "On the gallery", National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

1996 - Bel-Art-Tranzit, Central House of Artists, Moscow
        - Art-Manege, Moscow
        - Art-Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow

1997 - "Modern Art of Belarus", Republican Art gallery, Minsk
        - "The world of sensuons things in pictures - the end of the 20th century",Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Moscow

1998 - Sotherby`s (charitable auction), hotel Metropol, Moscow

1999 - "Heroes", Small Manege, Moscow
        - "New collection", Contemporary Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

2000 - "Spanish party", Contemporary Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

2001 - "Vorwiegend heiter", Kunstlerhaus Boswil, Switzerland

2002 - "Man&Woman|, Museum of New Art, Parnu, Estonia
        - "Enigmas", Marsha Child gallery, Princeton, USA
        - Boston Art Fair, USA

2003 - Escape Pierre-Cardin, Paris, France
        - "Art-Konstitution", Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2004 - "Modern Art of Belarus", Museum of Contemporary Art, Almelo, Netherlands

2005 - "Balota Empire", The Centre of the Modern Art, Kiev, Ukraina
        - Art-Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow
        - 51.International Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venizia, Italy
        - Arte Padova, Padova, Italy

2006 - Arte Genova, Genova, Italy
        - Art-Madrid, Madrid, Spain
        - Arte Parma, Parma, Italy
        - "Man&Woman ", Museum of Contemporary Art, Parnu, Estonia

  • …In creating the latest exhibition or project, I do not attempt to solve my problems at the expense of the audience. I do not want to frighten him with an expected solution. It is interesting for me to start a phrase, to put forth an algorithm and draw the viewer into the game… Each time I exhibit a principle of the creative mechanism of the work. The more complicated the task, the more original the solution. The most interesting and dramatic moments take place in unsolved tasks. The solution in this case may be especially pure and artistic. But a special quality and the significance of the moment is accentuated by unclear aims or the absence of intent. This frees me from false responsibility, and in the end free creation triumphs. It is not my job to teach people because I, myself, am still learning. An artist attains freedom through such experiences.

  • Artist with the Long Journey, Larisa Mikhnevich
    …The start and development of this artist’s career somehow began outside the realm of standards and projects of official Prestigious scholarships and travel grants he received resulted in a most excellent road map of exhibitions typified by his recent participation in the official Belarusian project at the 51st Venetian biennial. He quickly ended his imitation and replication stage as a young man and is sure of himself and what he considers to be his “profession.” He is educated and capable, liberated from issues influences his profession and, most importantly, always is ready to learn new lessons. He never shrinks from the specific artistic cause of the day, having learned the futility of the non-reflexive đrocess of producing works en masse and having come to grips with the realization that the existence of an artist in the modern world is all that matters…

05.10.2006 — 10.11.2006
21.09.2007 — 18.11.2007