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Alexander Roitburd

Born in 1961, Odessa, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

2007 The Meat Personal exhibition, Tseh Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. Bloomsday Contemporary Art Festival, Collection Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. Gogolfest, Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2006 Self-portraits personal exhibition, Tseh Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. Woman/Man origin, L-ART Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
The Tango Personal Exhibition, Karas Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2005 The Reality Check, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2004 A Farewell to Arms, Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2003 The First Collection, Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2002 Yulia has not gone anywhere, Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odesa, Ukraine. Kunst und drogen, Rebellminds Gallery, Berlin, Germany. Girls, Nymphettes, Girls, Nymphettes, Rebellminds Gallery, Berlin, Germany. The Melioration, Contemporary Art Festival, Moscow, Russia. S, Radical Film Festival, Handzhokovs House, Moscow, Russia.
2001 The Plateau of Mankind, The 49th Venice Biennale, Venetia, Italy. Screening, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New-York, USA. The Ukrainian Brend, enter for Contemporary Art by Soros Founadation, Kyiv, Ukraine. The Crucified Buddha Personal Exhibition, Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2000 Open Ends, , New York, USA. 2000+, Moderna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
1999 The Future is Now, Museum for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia. When screens became thinner, Passage de Rets, Paris, France.
1998 The Academy of Cold, Art Museum, Odesa, Ukraine. Not as sketched, , Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine.
1997 , The Pompey Series, Personal Exhibition Karas Gallery Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996 The Frankenstein Cabinet, House of Academicians, Odessa, Ukraine. The Phantom Opera, Small Scene of Opera and Ballet House, Odessa, Ukraine.
1995 The Kandinsky Syndrome, Museum of local lore and history, Odessa, Ukraine. Configura 2, Ehrfurt, Germany.
1994 The Free Zone, Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine.
1993 Angels under Ukraine, Apostolic Church, Edinburg, Great Britain Steppe of Europe, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland. Postanaestesia, Shtuks Willa, Munich, Germany.
1992 The New Figurations, Museum of Literature, Odessa, Ukraine.
Classics and contemporaries, Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

23.11.2007 — 18.01.2008
The Amalgam Project