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Yuriy Ivanchenko

  • …During the last century the art was mostly dominated by two main themes: loneliness and time. Loneliness enriches the time in the Yuri Ivanchenko works. This leads to the spatial motion metamorphosis. The motion becomes strangely similar to peace and serenity. Hence, we experience the hypnotic tranquility of his art. But the works are also filled with utmost dynamic of sorrow and hope.

    That is why every still life by Yuri is not merely a fragment of world outlook, but a fragment of inner life. The artistic world view, in this case, becomes the unity of the outlooks ofevery unique art work. But all of these worlds are merely the fragments of the inner world.

    All external in his works is a symbol if his internal. A contemporary person can find out the outburst of his tired heart at the movements of lonely insects and the labyrinths of his destiny at the patterns of the wooden planks.

    All these gives rise to an infinite grief. «We are lone and mortal, the cruel time will fill our successors» the images whisper, captured by the viewers perceptions.

    But beyond all this somewhere far, far away one can hear a whispering and deep voice. A voice of hope. A hope of escape from time, and loneliness brought by it.

29.07.2006 — 01.10.2006
The first work of art