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Kolektsia (Collection) Gallery located on the first floor of a unique Kyiv building, named “Castle on Pankivska” (Pankivska street, 8), which has been completely restored since 1911. Today it is the general system of architectural and historical monuments, executed in the rare “Ukrainian modernist style”. At the beginning of ÕÕ century there lived well-known national poets philologists and writers. Also there was editorial office of popular Ukrainian periodicals. Later in 60’s there located artistic studios. That is why we are proud to entice the cultural tradition of the past.

Founder of the gallery is a well-known Kyiv businessman Yuriy Kogutjak. The director is Daryna Zholdak. The creative director is Oleg Bayshev. Our gallery enlists leading art critics, experts and curators.

We are exhibiting the art of talented contemporary painters not only from Ukraine but also from Western Europe, the CIS countries, and elsewhere. “Kolektsia” is interested in modern painting and graphics. The determinant in choosing a painter is his talent and professionalism regardless of his direction, be it classical realism or folk icons on glass.
The gallery signs a contract with each painter, with a condition of giving exclusive rights on its presentation and selling. For each exhibition we prepare a catalogue with a powerful apparatus criticus.
We hope that each presentation of the exhibition will contribute to the cultural life of the capital.

“Kolektsia” has no purpose to entice a potential client or collector into a creative experiment, but it proposes recognized modern authors, works of which are guaranteed to keep their value.

A collector is free from different risks, bound up with a choice, juridical official registration, insurance and transportation of a work of art. Each work is accompanied by the certificate or expert valuation, which guarantee its authenticity and value. If a buyer agrees, the treaty of sale, with a statement of transferring to possession will be concluded. The gallery guarantees a complete confidentiality.

“Źolektsia” works every day, except Monday, from 10:00 to 19:00 and by appointment.
Entrance is free.
Please, contact 287 37 66/62, or call the mobile numbers indicated below.


Zholdak Daryna
+38 067 401 1201

Oleg Bayshev
Art Director
+38 097 908 0847


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