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Collection art gallery
Solomea, 2002, Oil on canvas, 31 õ 39 in
Self-portrait, 1967, Oil on canvas, 20 õ 25, 8 in
Kyiv Still Life, 2002, Oil on canvas, 34 õ 38 in
For Soprano, 1979, Oil on canvas, 18,5 x 21 in
I Remember (I’m Waiting for You), 1996, Oil on canvas, 60 õ 52 in
Once upon the Night, 1974, Oil on canvas, 37,5 õ 33,5 in
Hi, Eternity!, 1994, Oil on canvas, 40 õ 44 in
Duck Season, 1997, Oil on canvas, 42 x 44 in
Crucifixion, 1996, Oil on canvas, 44 x 50 in
Recollections, 1993, Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 in
Dutch Still Life, 2005, Oil on canvas, 20 x 24 in
I Remember: the Personal Exhibition of Mykola Zalevskiy, Legendary Kyiv Representative of “Unofficial art” from 1970’s
16.11.2006 — 10.12.2006
Kiev, November, 16 2006, 19:00- The gallery “Collection” starts a project “Return”, which combines a series of exhibitions scarcely known by Ukrainian painters who create their masterpieces in foreign countries. Among them are the real legends of Soviet “underground” art.

Mykola Zalevsky is one of them, whose personal exhibition opens the project “Return”.

Mykola Zalevsky was one of the people who raised the calmness of Kiev’s art community of the 70’s by his flat exhibitions and “rebellious” for general socrealistic style by his art activity. His art during the Soviet period became one of the catalysts for the fast growth of Ukrainian art in 90’s. And even nowadays he still is an authority for many colleagues. But after emigration to USA in the end of 80’s, Zalevsky actually disappeared from the Ukrainian art stage, although did he continue working and drawing his unusual pictures abroad.

University of Southern California professor Maxim Klementjev, writes: “The artist Mykola Zalevsky had to find himself living in a strange reality, at strange times. He grew up and was formed in the country, where nobody – among those residing there – wanted to live at the time, but where most of us would like to return, at least for a few seconds… The art of Zalevsky is a rope strung between that strange reality and epoch where we all live now – the rope which one can walk only when it tight enough, that is close to breaking. This rope is none else but memory, which is always with us, but which is never quite real”.

Oleg Bayshev, art director of the gallery “Collection”, explains: “Zalevsky in his art is a myth creator who permanently plays up the “Kyiv atmosphere” of 70’s.: city porches, yards, solitary windows. Even while drawing New York City he converts the town into a nostalgic likeness of Kreshatyk and in this sense he remains a deeply ‘local’ painter deep-rooted in his city”.

The exhibition “I remember” is conducted with the support of a weekly magazine “Dzerkalo Tyzhnya”.

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